Power Team / SPX Tools, Equipment, and Accessories

Power Team, a subsidiary of SPX Corporation based in USA, is a global leader in hydraulic tools, hydraulic equipment, and other high-force instruments. From hydraulic pumps, cylinders, pullers, and jacks to hydraulic hole punches, shop presses, spreaders, hydraulic torque wrenches and more, SPX Power Team manufactures equipment to meet the professional demands of many industries (including automotive, construction, industrial, and mining).

Westcoast Tool Sales & Service Ltd. (WCT) carries full lines of Power Team SPX hydraulic tools, equipment, parts, and accessories. When you need strong and concentrated force, turn to the SPX Power Team hydraulic tools available at Westcoast Tool Sales & Service Ltd.:

  • Hydraulic cylinders (single-acting, double-acting, and high-tonnage)
  • Hydraulic jacks (bottle, inflatable, and railroad)
  • Hydraulic pumps (air, electric, gas, and hand power)
  • Hydraulic and mechanical puller (5-100 tons of force)
  • Hydraulic shop presses (25-100-ton H-frame presses)
  • Hydraulic torque wrenches and parts (low-clearance and high-cycle wrenches, plus sockets and wrench links)
  • Hydraulic valves
  • Hydraulic specialty tools (spreaders and splitters, hole punches)
  • Hydraulic parts and accessories (hoses, fittings, and more)

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