Bosch Pneumatic orbital jigsaw with lever switch

Bosch Pneumatic orbital jigsaw with lever switch

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Product Number:  15

Model #: 060 7561 118

Powerful jigsaw with lever switch and SDS system for simple, fast changing of saw blades without tools.

Safe guidance due to knob handle. Different switch types for every application.

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Specifications Table

Specifications: U.S. System Metric  
Weight 4.2 lbs. 1.9 KG
Cutting Depth In See the following four materials
Aluminum and Non-Ferrous Metal 9/16" 1.4 cm  
Soft Steel 3/8" .95 cm  
Plastic 1-3/16" 3 cm  
Wood 3-3/8" 8.6 cm  
Hose Inner Diameter 3/8" .95 cm
Stroke Rate 2200 RPM Can easily be adjusted during operations to maintain any speed from stop to 2200 strokes per minute.
Connecting Thread 1/4"-NPT
Air Consumption Under Load 17.5 l/s
Power Output 400 Watts